Record Sharing

Record Sharing

What is proxy access and when might I use it?

By granting a trusted person – such as a family member – proxy access, you are allowing them to access parts of your Airmid account. You may wish to do this so that a family member can request medication or book an appointment on your behalf. You can customise which parts of your account are visible to different family members, and can revoke their access at any time. The person you are granting access to must already have an Airmid account of their own.

How do I give someone else access to my record?

To grant access, select the menu icon from the top left of the home page, then select the ‘Family’ option. Select the ‘+’ icon on the bottom right of the page. Enter the username and date of birth of the person you want to have access to your record, and their relationship to you. Then select ‘Add Family Member’. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation to share the records. If you want to continue, select ‘Share’, otherwise, select ‘Cancel’. You will then see a message confirming your request has been sent. Your family member will receive a notification and will be asked whether they want to accept your family member request.

How do I remove the access I have granted?

If you want to remove the access given to a family member, select the menu to the top left of the screen. Select the ‘Family’ option. Family members will be listed under ‘People Who Can Access My Record’. Select the family member that you want to remove. You can remove all access or select particular services you want to revoke their access to. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to remove access for this person.

How do I accept an access request to another person’s record?

If someone has requested that you have access to their record, you will receive a notification in the Airmid app. This can be seen by selecting the menu in the top left of the page. Select ‘Notifications’. Selecting the notification on this page will take you to the pending request. Select the request to respond. Choose to accept or reject the request, or to decide later. If you accept, the pending status will be removed. To view you family member’s record, select the ‘Family’ option in the main menu, and select their profile under ‘People Whose Record You Can Access’.

How can I share my record with other people?

To share your record, select the top left icon from the home screen. Select the ‘History’ option. Select the three dots in the top right hand of the screen. Select ‘Export Record’. This will generate a PDF file of your record, which you can save and share with other people.

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