Airmid: Your health, your record, your app

Airmid is TPP’s app designed to support you, bringing you closer to clinicians and giving you control of your own healthcare needs. Airmid gives you access to your full medical records, and reduces the need for face-to-face appointments. It provides details of local health care organisations, allowing you to exercise more control over your personal health while reducing the time that you spend on it.

Simple, yet secure login

You can login to Airmid using your SystmOnline Username and Password if you have them. Otherwise, Airmid allows you to use your NHS Login. For help with creating an NHS login, see the NHS website and for how to use your NHS login on Airmid, watch this video tutorial.

Following initial setup, you can choose to authenticate your login with biometrics such as Face ID or Touch ID to ensure quick access.

Record Access

Access your complete medical record and contribute to it using information from medical devices and wearables, Apple Health and Google Fit.

Consultation notes
Medication History
Vaccination History
Allergy/Drug Sensitivities
Procedure History
Correspondence e.g. Referral/Discharge letters
Pathology/Radiology reports
Health data from your personal device

Online Appointments

Book and manage your appointments on Airmid

  • View all upcoming appointments
  • Add appointment reminders to your calendar, so you don’t miss an appointment
  • Airmid has video consultations built-in, so you can be consulted straight from the app

Medication Management

Manage your medication better

Direct Messaging

Send messages directly to your doctor

  • Send direct messages to specified clinicians or teams
  • Upload images as part of the conversation
  • All conversations and images are saved securely against your SystmOne patient record
  • Clinicians can start video consultations with you directly from the conversation

And much more…

Proxy Access

Grant access to family members or carers


Receive push notifications, information and surveys from doctors

Clinic Locator

Integrated maps mean you can search for and find your nearest healthcare provider

Online eRedbook

Use Airmid as an eRedbook for children, keeping track of your child’s health and any upcoming appointments