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    My wife and I both use AirMid and find it extremely useful. Our surgery uses SystmOnline ( which gives patients access to appointments, prescriptions and medical records.

    Recently, I have uploaded photos via the app as an alternative to their normal practice of requesting them as emailed attachments which a staff member then prints and scans into the notes. The app clearly provides an easy method of doing that (Home -> Medical Record -> Add Data -> Add Documents -> [category] ). Today however, I was informed by staff that as with the previous occasions, no trace was found of my uploads despite my being able to see them at the top of the medical records. In view of this, I logged in to via my browser and could find no trace of my uploads.

    I emailed the practice manager who states she has not heard of AirMid and assumes it is not compatible with their system. I may be wrong, but doesn’t TPP produce both the patient online services (SysmOnline) AND AirMid? If so, my question is: how can I join the dots so AirMid uploaded files are visible at the practice? Thanks.

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