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    I am very concerned I have tried to reset my Airmid app details on my phone and iMac and when resetting and logging in it took my to my wife WordPress blog site, showing her personal email address

    This is very concerning mainly because of data and security reasons, that it took me to a WordPress and had shown my wife email address.
    Another concern is this appear to be the only format I found to express these issues

    I will be deleting the app from my phone and making people be aware that their personal health details are clearly not secure and safe



    There is no link between login details for the Airmid Cares Support website (i.e. this page, hosted by WordPress) and login details for the Airmid app (i.e. access to your medical record). These are completely separate, and it’s not possible for Airmid to take you to WordPress when you’re trying to reset your app login.

    What may have happened is that you were trying to reset your login details for this website rather than the app. Because this website is hosted by WordPress, it may have shown you an email address previously used to log into WordPress.

    Airmid Moderators

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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