My Medical Record

My Medical Record

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What information can I see in Airmid?

In the Airmid app, you are able to access the following information:

  • – Medical summary
  • – Full patient record
  • – Allergies
  • – Current and past medications
  • – Documents
  • – Vaccinations

What is the Summary Care Record?

Your Summary Care Record (SCR) is a condensed version of your medical record that contains key information about your health such as allergies and medications. The information in your SCR is taken from your GP record but can be accessed by health and care staff in different care settings across the NHS. This is so that they can provide you with better care if you use their services (e.g. in an emergency or when your surgery is closed). Please see the NHS Digital SCR page for more information.

How do I access my full patient record?

To access your full patient record, select the menu icon on the top left of the homepage. Then, click on ‘History’, and select ‘Full Record’ from the drop-down menu. Entries with a red drop-down option can be expanded to show additional information. Holding your finger on an item will enable you to add it again or remove it, but you can only remove items that you have added through Airmid. If you believe that information recorded by your healthcare provider is incorrect, use the ‘Flag as incorrect’ option.

How do I view my allergies?

To view your allergies, select the menu icon on the top left of the homepage. Then, click on ‘History’, and select ‘Allergies’ from the drop-down menu. Holding your finger on a specific allergy will allow you to show the allergy in your full record or remove it from your record.

How do I view my current and past medications?

To view a list of your current and past medications, select the menu icon on the top left of the homepage. Then, click on ‘History’, and select ‘Medications’ from the drop-down menu. Holding your finger on a specific medication will allow you to add it again, set a reminder, request it again or add it to your favourites. The ‘add again’ option allows you to record that you are (or have been) taking this medication again. You will need to record the date, before confirming that the drug is correct and completing the comments box with any relevant details. Select ‘Save’ to add the medication. Adding the medication to your favourites will make it easier to search for in future.

How do I set a medication reminder?

The ‘Remind Me’ button is found when adding a medication, and allows a user to set reminders to take the medication. These reminders will be sent to your device as push notifications. When setting up a medication reminder, enter the frequency in days and add the times you would like to be reminded to take the medication. These reminders can be removed or amended using your phone’s calendar. You can delete all medication reminders from the account settings within Airmid. When adding a time, use the dial to select, and repeat the process to add more times. To remove a timed remind, select the red ‘X’ icon. Select ‘Save’ to continue.

How do I view my documents?

To view a list of your documents select the ‘Documents’ button at the bottom of the page. Select the relevant document type from the list. Use the cloud button to view a document or attachment.

How do I view my vaccinations?

To view a list of your vaccinations select the ‘Vaccinations’ button at the bottom of the screen. Some entries can be expanded to show additional information.

How can I search my medical record?

To search the record select the magnifying glass field at the top of the page, before entering the words you want to search for and selecting ‘search’. This will display all entries from your full record which contain the text of your search. To clear the search, select the ‘X’ at the top of the page.

What happens if I flag an entry as incorrect?

This depends on who added the entry to your record. If you entered the data yourself, you can remove it. If your caring organisation added the entry, you can flag it as incorrect. Depending on how the organisations who care for you are set up, they may or may not be able to see that you have flagged something in your record as incorrect.

Where can I find my notifications?

Your healthcare providers, for example your GP surgery, may send you notifications through Airmid. These can be found in the main menu by selecting the top left icon on the homepage. If there is an unread notification, a bell icon will be shown on the top right. Click on ‘Notifications’ to view your notifications. If you want to dismiss a notification, swipe it to the side, before selecting ‘Yes’ when prompted. Alternatively, you are able to remove all notifications, by selecting ‘Dismiss all’ in the top right of the page.

If I dismiss a notification by mistake, can I get it back?

No. The notification will need to be resent by the organisation.

Why can I not see any information in my medical record?

Your organisation (e.g. GP practice) will need to give you permission to see your patient record. You can request this through the app by selecting the main menu and selecting ‘Organisations’. Select the organisation that you would like to grant you record access. At the bottom of the page you will see an option to request record access. Selecting this option will send a message to the organisation to request record access.

How can I change my demographic details?

Go to your patient profile by opening the menu and clicking on your profile photo. You will see your demographic details here. If you want to edit them, press the pencil button to take you to the ‘Edit Profile’ page. Here you can edit individual fields by selecting the pencil icon on the section that you want to edit.

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